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Walking in Mallorca Majorca Mallorcan Walking Tours offer tailored guided walks for groups of 4 people or more!
To give an idea of the spectrum of excursions available, see the following examples :-

Imagine setting off before “sun up” to beat the heat and witness the first rays of sunlight emerging from the east. We’re climbing Puig de Massanella, Mallorca’s highest accessible peak (1352m).
The mountain’s lower slopes are dense with oaks and like a theatre curtain, they pull away to reveal the contours of this beautiful island at your feet.
On arrival at the summit, we breakfast on pastries called “Ensaimadas”, fruit juice and coffee, as we drink in the splendour of it all.

Alternatively we could head for the enchanting inland villages of Campanet and Buger to combine culture with walking, visiting venues where basket weaving is still carried out by the old method and knocking on the door of the hilltop house of a villager who has extended his home to incorporate a ceramics’ kiln and outlet shop.

The magnificent historic city of Palma should not be left out of the many options available, with it’s architectural gems and bustling tapas bars, which seem just too inviting to walk past. The streets of the old quarter are not that well known, apart from those leading to the Cathedral and the arab baths, so naturally in the name of discovery we take the others.

If you’d like to sleep over somewhere for a night and fully appreciate staying up in the hills, then the pilgrims route up to Lluc Monastery from Selva is very attractive, traveling along a centuries old cobbled path. On arrival we ease back into a chair at the terrace bar and listen to birdsong whilst we check in. At night, we’ll dine and stroll out under a star filled sky, before putting our heads down in one of the monastery’s cells for the night.
After breakfast our route pulls out of the amphitheatre of rock that cradles Lluc to reach a vantage point overlooking the whole of the east. An old charcoal producer’s path leads to a valley, which many have described as the “Garden of Eden”. Dramatic scenery and a rocky staircase accompany us to Caimari and the end of our mini adventure.

These excursions are only a few to whet your appetite. We offer many, many more!
Grading System
So that you can decide which walks suit your needs and ability the best, each walk comes with a grade.

Grade C+: These walks will suit anyone in reasonably fit condition used to walking. They travel along well made paths and tracks, but like most of Mallorca are stony under foot. (Consult with the guide, to see if these can be done in trainers or you need boots).

Grade B:
The use of boots is a necessity for ankle support on rocky ground. These walks are slightly more adventurous than the C+ ones, although normally along well defined paths with ups and downs!

Grade B+
: To participate in a B+ walk you should have experience of walking on high mountain terrain, as they're a bit more strenuous and can involve a short scramble/ A 800mtr climb or something else a little different.(Boots for sure)

Grade A : Only two grade A walks feature on the current programme "Puig Tomir" and "Mortitx Gorge"
These challenging days out are for people that are in good fit condition, who like wild limestone scenery and are not put off by the possibility of a short obstacle course during the day.
They are by no means impossible, in fact they offer some of the most rewarding experiences, but those wishing to attempt them, should be at least adaptable. (Boots for sure).
What to Bring
Walking in Mallorca Majorca A lot depends on the weather, so a waterproof is always a good idea as mountain days can change quickly. It's sometimes a bit colder higher up, so think about a jumper or fleece. Whatever type of excursion you do always have appropriate comfortable footwear, as it's for the whole day!

I can't stress enough how important it is to bring at least (1ltr water minimum per person) as in this part of the world it's easy to dehydrate. Sunscreen and hat are always useful as well.

You need to bring a picnic for all excursions with the exception of "Can Massia P'amb Oli" walk where a bottle of water will suffice as picnic is included.
Finding Accommodation
Holiday time is precious and therefore you need the flexibility to do what you want, when you want. Organising accommodation to suit your needs / pocket and chosen location can be made easier with MWT. We can offer Villas / Apartments / Some Hotels and even more unusual venues like Monastery’s. All of these are situated in the North of the island.

For details contact Rich Strutt on Tel : + 34 668 542 274
Organising Transport
If you’d like a taxi organising to pick you up from the airport, or a bus for a whole group excursion this can easily be arranged given enough notice.
Other outdoor activities
Rock climbing
Scuba Diving
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Lots of organisations and enthusiasts all over the place giving you the opportunity to get out there and do it!

Further information or finding a contact for any of the above topics can be provided by Mallorcan Walking Tours on request.

Contact: Rich Strutt Tel : + 34 668 542 274